A One-Eyed Stray Finally Gets a Chance at Happiness

November 14, 2014  

Arnold was found on the streets, severely underweight and horribly injured. A chain was so badly wrapped around his leg it became embedded and his right eye was in such bad condition, the shelter that found him knew he would need to lose it. But, after living a hard life on the streets, staying in a hard shelter cage and losing his eye, Arnold was finally able to find some happiness.

He was a rescue taken in by a couple who dedicate so much time to saving dogs from shelters.

He’s their special zombie-pirate and they adore him.

Three months ago, he was found as a stray and taken to a shelter.

When he was taken in, he was seriously hurt.

He had caught his left leg in his choker chain and it had grown into his armpit. Both the chain and his eye needed to be surgically removed. But, because the pound only does surgeries one day a week, he just sat in a small kennel for a week.

He only weighed 27 lbs, about 25lbs under average weight for a male and was heartworm positive.

The day after his surgery, the couple who rescued him were allowed to take Arnold in and foster him.

Arnold fit in right away. Over the next few months his foster parents found out he had the worst case of whip worms imaginable (which lead to a major B12 deficiency) and some unknown illness which caused explosive, bloody diarrhea. It is okay, it isn’t his fault. He spent 40 of the past 90 days on metronidazole to try to combat whatever is keeping attacking his digestive system.

Whatever it is, it kills his appetite. His new daddy wakes up 1 hour early every morning just to try to get him to eat something before work. Arnold has grown form 27 to 43 lbs. He has more energy. He has been able to go outside and play. He loves dirt.

But, recently Arnold has been bloating in his stomach… and it wasn’t the result of his medication.

Arnold’s heartworms have sadly succeeded. He just doesn’t know it yet. Today is Arnold’s last day. He is suffering congestive heart failure. All of his organs are shutting down. His bloating is getting worse. But he is still happy. Especially now. He got steak for dinner. And chicken liver. And bacon for breakfast.

He found love, a home and a chance at happiness before his passing. A beautiful ending.

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