Look At How Super Stoked These Astronauts Are After Returning To Earth

December 13, 2014  

1. The Russian Soyuz capsule, carrying two Russians and one American astronaut, made a parachute landing early Thursday in Kazakhstan after close to six months aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

AP Photo / NASA / Bill Ingalls

2. According to NASA, the crew orbited Earth 2,700 times, and traveled close to 72 million miles while aboard the ISS. They also took part in helping five cargo spacecrafts dock with the station, bringing supplies over the 169 days they were living there.

AP Photo / Maxim Shipenkov

AP Photo / Maxim Shipenkov

3. But, as much as astronauts love being in space, I’d imagine there’s arguably no greater feeling than setting foot on Earth after a long expedition away from home.

AP Photo / Maxim Shipenkov

REUTERS / Maxim Shipenkov

4. Especially when you’re greeted with delicious fruit.

REUTERS / Maxim Shipenkov

5. NASA astronaut Steve Swanson and Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev earned their melons and flowers.

REUTERS/Maxim Shipenkov

6. “We had a lot of fun,” Swanson said, according to the Associated Press.

REUTERS /Bill Ingalls / NASA

7. Of course you did, because space freakin’ rules.

REUTERS / Maxim Shipenkov

Alexander Skvortsov

8. Way to go, international space buddies!


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