Ram Headbutts A Quadcopter Drone And Then Takes Its Owner Out. Rut Roh.

November 14, 2014  

It would seem we aren’t the only ones unhappy with being spied on by drones, or having our privacy invaded, rams aren’t big fans of it either.

Budd Hanz was flying a remote controlled quadcopter over his land when he spotted his ram, Rambro, enjoying some tasty foliage and decided to fly in for a closer look. The ram on the other hand was far from happy with the rude intrusion and headbutted the quadcopter, knocking it into a bush.

When Budd came to recollect his quadcopter, Rambro was still hanging around, waiting to give him an earful.

(Source: Budd Hanz)

Well that explains it, they don’t call it a ram for nothing.

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