Something Is Different About This Portrait. It’s Not Just A Dog.

December 13, 2014  

This amazing portrait of a beagle taking a bath looks so incredibly realistic, but that’s not the only thing that’s special about it. Joel Brochu, the artists who brought this work to life, made it with sprinkles. Using over 220,000 of the tiny toppings, some double-sided tape, and a pair of tweezers, Brochu created something that looks so real, you can almost smell the wet dog. Almost.

Take a look!

Wow! That looks so life-like!

Aw! I don’t think this pup likes taking a bath.

I guess I wouldn’t either if I were made up of little sprinkles.

And lots of ‘em!

Brochu used six different colors of sprinkles to make this portrait.

That is some seriously sweet detail.

(via designtaxi, Art Stormer)

Well, I can think of one artist who deserves some ice cream!

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