The Internet Has A Huge Crush On This Female Weightlifter

December 5, 2014  

1. This is weightlifter Samantha Wright.

Photo credit: Kait Privitera

2. And as you can see, she’s a total bad ass.

3. But she’s also pretty adorable.

6. She’s also really, really bad ass.

Photo credit: Kait Privitera

7. She recently just qualified to weightlift at a national level.

Photo credit: Kait Privitera

8. So we might be seeing her at the 2016 olympics.

9. …Also, she’s also really adorable.

10. Her nickname is “The Pixie Warrior” (because she’s awesome!)

And yeah, of course the internet’s talking about her.

RT @GeekVariety: Samantha Wright weightlifter for those who don’t know. Absolutely stunningly beautiful woman. She has the perfect body, mad cute also!

I think I have a new crush…Samantha Wright.

I have a huge crush on Samantha Wright right now, its not even funny.

Thank God for Samantha Wright.

huge crush on the weightlifter samantha wright

I am in love with a woman and her name is Samantha Wright

Samantha Wright is the most perfect woman ever and if you don’t think so well that’s your loss. Seriously *look at her* hnnnnnngh

19. So, what do you guys think? New internet crush?

Photo credit: Kait Privitera

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