These 23 People Got Exactly What They Deserved. #15 Is Annoying But #6… LOLOL.

November 19, 2014  

Karma can be a fickle thing. So often people don’t get what they deserve. After all, it’s only in Hollywood where the good guy swoops in to make sure the bad guy gets punished. That’s why we have to relish the times when karma does it’s magic. And these 23 people are living proof. Don’t believe in karma? You will after this… Oh, you will…

1. He totally deserved this.

2. Take that cat, for always laying in the exact wrong spot!

3. Master criminal at work.

4. A little premature?

5. “That’ll teach’em.”

6. HAHA.

7. Drunk people and free rides don’t mix.

8. Future poet laureate, ladies and gentlemen.

9. Taste of his own medicine 0_0

10. “Idiot.”

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