These Mesmerizing Science GIFs Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor.

December 11, 2014  

People have lived on planet Earth for a long time. In the beginning, we didn’t know anything about science. Today we’re only just scratching the surface. What we’re learning is truly amazing, and it’s made all the better by slow motion. Here are 36 insanely awesome videos that show just how far we’ve come. From magic floating boats, to water pitchers made from sound waves, you won’t believe what you see.

1. Ever wonder how a dog drinks water?

2. This boat is “floating” in sulfur hexaflouride, which is much denser (and more dangerous) than carbon dioxide. It’s perfectly clear so it gives the illusion that the boat can float in mid-air.

3. What happens when you combine chlorine tablets and rubbing alcohol in a bottle?

4. Blood and snake venom DO NOT mix. You’ll want to avoid this cocktail.

5. The arctic summer “night,” ladies and gentlemen.

6. This is science’s best guess as to how the mysterious Easter Island heads were moved.

7. The Earth compared to the largest known star. Feel insignificant yet?

8. You’ll never have to wonder how a key works again.

9. Why don’t our strawberries ever look this good?

10. Gas in a jar + fire = smiley faces.

11. Sound waves can suspend water? Who knew?!

12. Soy sauce is incredibly high in sodium (we know, doctor) which causes dead fish nerves to become active and spasm.

13. Ladybugs have the most inefficient takeoff ever.

14. It’s like an incredibly painful vacuum cleaner!

15. Putting blood into hydrogen peroxide is awful.

16. OMG there are flying snakes in the world. They’re called Chrysopelea.

17. You won’t believe how good at camouflage this octopus is…

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